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Matthew Stutzman is the owner/operator of Kingsway.  We have been in business since 2002 when Matthew started the company in an effort to provide great living spaces and a quality customer/contractor experience. At the heart of 

Kingsway culture is the passion to create amazing living spaces for our clients with quality work, good communication and competitive pricing. We are a small company with low overhead and yet the ability to deliver quality and timely work for clients. 


We know that the contracting industry is know for complicated homeowner/contractor relationships. It’s our goal to alleviate those stresses through thorough estimates, realistic time frame projections, and consistent communication with the project manager. Project mangers are on call for any concern and visit the job site often throughout each step of the job. 


Our prices are competitive, and you will find that we are usually less expensive than larger companies. You won’t see our name advertised around town as we have built our company through customer referrals and striving to provide great customer service. 





  • We do everything we can to avoid injuries or accidents while working. We understand that it’s not just a job site—it’s your home and we are guests. But in the event of an accident, we maintain a general liability insurance policy on all people working on your home both for your peace of mind and for the protection of your property and our workers. We also provide workers compensation insurance for our employees. 


  • We provide a 12 month labor warranty on all our work. If any of the work is not taken care of properly the issue will usually show up within that time. We stand behind our work and will be prompt with any repairs that are needed from work that is not done to industry standard. 


  • We will also provide product warranty details upon request. 

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